Co-sputtering is simultaneous coating from two or multiple sputtering targets. It is used for compound - alloy or composite material. The thin film is controlled by optimizing the power density of each gun (target). SYSKEY's magnetron co-sputtering system provides precise control of multiple magnetron sputtering process conditions to provide customers with the best quality composite film.



SYSKEY's sputter system has a single loading and cassette loading chamber, which can save the pumping time of the process.



SYSKEY's sputter system can independently apply bias voltage on its stage part to clean and  increasethe adhesion of materials.




Ion source can be used to clean the  substrate and accelerate the sputtering speed of the coating material, and the ion beam helps deposit and compact the deposited films during the material deposition process.


Applications Chamber
  • Semiconductors​.
  • Nanotechnology.
  • Product QC & QA.
  • Oxide, Nitride and Metal.
  • Materials research.
  • Solar-cell.
  • Optical Research.
  • Materials Research.
  • Flexible chamber sizes depend on substrate size and applications.
  • Full-width opening door integrated two viewports with shutters for observing substrate and sputter sources.
  • Full range vacuum gauge with display and Baratron gauge for closed-loop pressure control.
  • Ultimate vacuum of chamber about 10-8 Torr.
Configurations and benefits Options
  • Flexible substrate size up to 12 inch.
  • Excellent thin-film uniformity of less than ±3%.
  • Magnetron sputtering sources (up to 8 sources) with optional target sizes.
  • Multiple sources with sequential operation or co-deposition.
  • RF, DC or pulsed-DC for non-conductive or conductive target.
  • Deposition of multilayer films with selected target materials.
  • Mass flow controllers (up to 4 gas lines).
  • Substrate holder heating up to 1000°C.
  • Adjustable substrate to target spacing.
  • Shutters are installed each sputtering source and substrate.
  • Intergrated with Load-Lock, robot arm, glove box.
  • Combined with Ion-source, thermal source, E-beam, etc.
  • Substrate RF or DC bias.
  • Thickness monitor.
  • Substrate RF plasma cleaning.
  • Extra spare port for OES, RGA or extra    
    process monitoring.


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