Annealing Furnace

The annealing furnace is a process method used in the fabrication of semiconductors. This process includes heating a plurality of semiconductor wafers to affect their electrical properties. The heat treatment aims to achieve different effects. The wafer can be heated to activate the dopants, density the deposited film, and change the state of the grown film.


Exposure to high temperatures can repair damage. This process is called annealing. Furnace annealing can be integrated into other furnace processing steps, such as oxidation, or can be processed separately.






Applications Chamber
  • Semiconductor.
  • MEMS.
  • Nanotechnoloy.
  • LED.
  • Photovoltaic industries.
  • FPD.
  • Quartz tube temperature control by using heating coil and water cooled stainless steel flanges.
  • Furnace configuration: Horizontal with loading mechanism.
  • Manual furnace door with viewport.


Configurations and benefits Options
  • Tube size: up to 12 inch.
  • Single or multi wafers (up to 50 wafers).
  • Control accuracy :< ±1°C.
  • Process gas (optional): N2, Ar, H2.
  • Maximum temperature: up to 1700°C.
  • Water trap and cryo trap option.
  • Easy to clean and maintenance.
  • Auto transfer system.




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